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Providing unconditional loving support to children who have or have had a parent in prison, and their family, through volunteers.



Children of prisoners are seven times more likely to offend themselves. 


The Families Commission is currently shining the light on these children as some of the most vulnerable in New Zealand. 


Somebody has to step up and make a difference in their lives … IS IT GOING TO BE YOU?

Our Vision


Our vision is to make a positive, loving and long lasting impact in the lives of children who have or have had a parent in prison.


We believe this can be achieved with the support of churches, community groups, and individuals who grasp the vision and join with us to help provide the various programmes and intiatives we offer.



Angel Tree Family Care relies heavily on the support of volunteers and offers a variety of opportunities to work with children of prisoners and their families.


Check out how you can be involved, support the work of Angel Tree Family Care and help those who are vulnerable and in need our support.



Angel Tree Family Care has multilpe programmes to cater for the many needs of those we work with.


These programmes are aimed at helping to reduce the potential first time offending for children of prisoners and increasing the resilience of families to cope with the challenges that come with having a loved one in prison

Dec 21, 2016

Hosted by Whakatane Presbyterian Church

For further information contact Maria on 07-308-4268

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